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Treehouse Living – A Movement for Holistic Parents

Drs. Andrea and Eric’s Treehouse is a place of freedom and joy for moms and dads seeking to rediscover their inner, parental voice. In a world that feels like every parental decision is highly criticized by our peers, are we forgetting to listen to our intuition? Have we been too concerned with the “do’s and don’ts” of parenting that we’ve taken all the fun out of nurturing and experiencing our children’s growth?


Freedom and Fun

At Treehouse Living, we want parents to feel empowered, not criticized. The Treehouse is a place of communal support. It’s a watering hole for informational and educational exchange. Leave the parenting rulebooks at home and join the Treehouse fun! Remember the freedom you felt as children – running in the streets, playing in treehouses, laughing, truly enjoying and experiencing fun? Now let yourself feel these things as a parent! Enjoy the process of learning and growing with your child, find empowerment as a parent, and trust your intuition.

Community Empowerment

The Treehouse is a community movement seeking to support holistic thinking moms and pops. The Treehouse is a no-judgment zone. We know the world is a tough place and it’s only getting more and more difficult to raise kind, empathetic, healthy children. Why shame parents into following a one-size fits all rule book when we could uplift and educate each other instead? Treehouse Living gives parents a place to learn and discuss gentle parenting techniques, natural foods, and natural medicine.

Treehouse Living promotes both physical and emotional health and well-being. We offer tips from everything on gut health and nutrition to managing stress. Dr. Andrea and Dr. Eric regularly update the Treehouse Living Facebook page with posts and videos covering various health topics for the entire family. The goal of Treehouse Living is to empower and educate families to lead a natural lifestyle.

Nutrition and Gut Health

One of the major focuses of Treehouse Living is improving nutrition. We’re not talking about fad diets for weight loss – we’re talking about lifelong changes to commit to non-GMO foods, incorporating probiotics into your family lifestyle, gut health, and understanding our body’s microbiome. Treehouse Living often offers insight on the connection between nutrition, brain function, and emotional well-being.

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Dr. Eric Nazarenko owns and leads Old Mill Chiropractic in Lexington SC. As a chiropractor, Dr. Eric has always focused on treating the cause of disease, not just its symptoms. His comprehensive services span more than just chiropractic, including Personalized Analytics for Wellness, Nutritional Services, and Community Outreach. Along with his wife, Dr. Andrea, they sought to create a place for like-minded parents focused on natural living and empowered parenting, so Treehouse Living was born. Join the Treehouse Living movement today and rediscover your inner voice.


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