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Dr. Eric Nazarenko, DC, CACCP


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    January I had serious lower back issues. So bad it sent me to the ER twice. Both times I was given pain pills that barely did anything but put me a constant state of drowsiness. I called Dr Eric to make an appointment. My fear of adjustments kept me from seeking one sooner. But when I met Dr Eric I didn't feel like an open pocketbook I felt like a person who Dr Eric wanted to really help relieve my pain. He explained what he would do and with a plan I was on my way to much needed relief. I no lo

    Kelly C.

    We love Dr. Eric & his staff! Professional and friendly, but most important, Dr. Eric gets the job done - we feel GREAT!

    Debbie S.

    Dr. Eric is a personable & kind man who cares a lot about his patients. He is professional and a great choice if you are looking to engage in chiropractic care!


    FINALLY, a chiropractor that truly makes a difference in my life. I am able to function and feel better with each adjustment. Dr. Eric has great knowledge, personality, ability to communicate, truly listens to the patient, addresses all issues, goes out of his way to accommodate his patients, sincere, honest and caring. Thank you Dr. Eric!


    Dr. Eric totally changed my life! I was in terrible shape, health-wise. Every day was miserable!! My cousin was having headaches and I just suggested him to give it a try because I heard that the chiropractor could assist with headaches. I didn't really know much of what I was referring at the time. Upon his first appt, I was educated during HIS visit and made the choice to give it a try myself. This was by far the best decision I EVER made!! After the first visit, I noticed a tremendous change

    Jennifer H.

    I finally have been able to get adjusted for the first time in my life by Eric. I suffer badly from anxiety and headaches. My neck constantly aches and my tailbone was damaged during my last birth. I normally get my children adjusted by him and they love him! I suffer from medical anxiety the most where it makes me panic even being see by a doctor, but Eric was really understanding and sympathetic to my issues. When he did adjust me, I noticed results nearly 5 minutes later. I could breathe easi

    Marinella D.

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