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Old Mill Chiropractic Offers Back Pain Treatment

Almost 80 percent of the population will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Discomfort can range from mild to severe and can impact your ability to work and to play. At Old Mill Chiropractic in Lexington, SC, we offer a variety of drug-free, non-invasive techniques to relieve back pain. 

back pain

Back Pain Symptoms

Individuals may have pain in the upper, middle or lower back. The pain may intensify during movements, such as bending or twisting. Discomfort may be a dull ache or a sharp stab. Some back problems with nerve involvement may cause discomfort in the buttocks, legs or feet. You may have tingling in the legs, numbness or weakness of the muscles. Long periods of sitting may be painful. Changing position can relieve the discomfort. Some individuals wake up with back pain, which is relieved as they begin moving around, doing their normal routines.

Causes of Back Pain

Simple overuse is one of the major causes of back pain, with straining of the muscles and ligaments. However, a variety of medical conditions can also affect the structures in the back. Herniated or ruptured discs can make normal movement very painful. Stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal, can occur. Sciatica, caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve, can cause pain and tingling. Osteoarthritis, the deterioration of spinal structures from normal wear and tear over time, can cause back pain. Injuries to the spine, from auto accidents, sports injuries or work injuries, can lead to long-term back problems that require ongoing care. Even poor posture, over time, can cause intermittent or constant back pain.

Chiropractic Methods Can Help Resolve Back Pain Symptoms

Manual adjustment re-aligns spinal structures to relieve pain and improve normal spinal function. Your chiropractor in Lexington can utilize a variety of specialized techniques to reduce discomfort. Corrective exercises help to strengthen back muscles for greater flexibility and range of motion. Massage therapy soothes inflamed tissue and facilitates movement. Nutritional support and lifestyle advice can help heal old back injuries and prevent re-injury.

Make Old Mill Chiropractic Your Chiropractor in Lexington, SC

Dr. Nazarenko offers a “whole person” approach to chiropractic care to help his patients in Lexington, SC and nearby communities achieve better health and improved function. We offer a range of techniques for conditions such as back pain, neck pain, disc problems, arthritis, accident injuries and musculoskeletal problems of pregnancy. Call Old Mill Chiropractic today at 803-808-0711 for an appointment to learn about our effective techniques for back pain treatment.


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