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Welcome to the official website for Old Mill Chiropractic, your unapologetically family friendly holistic care center in Lexington SC. We honestly believe that the world needs more family friendly clinics that offer chiropractic adjustment and other natural services for all ages, including kids. You'll find toy rooms and a variety of pediatric services aimed at helping your children thrive, in addition to the other essential services that can do so much good for seniors and working-aged adults. Check out the many ways we can support your family's health and wellness -- and then schedule a visit!


Our Lexington Chiropractor and Holistic Services

Dr. Eric Nazarenko is our Lexington SC chiropractor. His holistic approach to health and wellness includes a variety of skills and certifications, including the Webster Technique for expectant mothers. He can treat the underlying causes of your symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves, to help young and old alike enjoy greater comfort, mobility, and health. Our family services include:

  • Chiropractic care - Thanks to its ability to improve nerve function, chiropractic care can address such varied symptoms as back and neck pain, headaches, digestive problems, respiratory issues and sciatica. We offer both spinal and extremity adjustments.
  • Pregnancy care - Our Webster Technique can help ensure a healthy, normal "head-downward" delivery for your bay. We also provide prenatal lactation counseling.
  • Pediatric care - We can help your little ones grow and develop normally, with fewer pediatric pains and problems.
  • Massage therapy - From prenatal massage to chronic pain management, massage therapy can help you feel and function better.
  • Rehabilitative therapy - We offer complete rehabilitation treatment plans.
  • Family care - Let us support your family wellness goals.
  • Elderly care/Healthy aging - We know to how to treat elderly populations or patients with specific physical concerns
  • Athletic care - Dr. Eric is the official chiropractor of the Allen University Men's Basketball team.
  • Personal Injury Programs - We work with your body (and your attorneys) to get you feeling like yourself again after an accident.
  • Gut health - Our probiotics and related services can boost your digestive wellness.
  • Nutritional support - We're your source for nutritional/dietary counseling, supplementation and functional medicine
  • Peer support for dietary changes - Changing deeply ingrained habits can be hard, but we give you the support you need for success.
  • Advanced testing options - Our advanced diagnostics include MTHFR testing, food sensitivity testing, heavy metals testing and adrenal testing.

Let Our Family Help Your Family

We're all about the family here at Old Mill Chiropractic, so why not let our family help your family? Call (803)-808-0711 or schedule an online appointment today! 

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$30 Adult Exam and Consultation (exclusions may apply)

Meet the Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Eric Nazarenko

    Dr. Eric Nazarenko is the owner and lead doctor at Old Mill Chiropractic. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pace University in New York and Doctorate in Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Before opening Old Mill Chiropractic, Dr. Eric was the Clinic Director at HealthSource in Orangeburg, SC and the Senior Associate doctor at a busy family practice in Chapin, SC.

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  • Ms.
    Nikki Mack

    Nikki joined the Old Mill Chiropractic team in January 2016, after graduating Southeastern Institute for Massage Therapy. Prior to a career in massage, Nikki served in the United States Marine Corps. She is a native of Sacramento, California, but has called South Carolina home since 2009. My Goals: To work alongside medical professionals for the health, wellness, and well being both physically and emotionally of all those whose lives I can touch... one client at a time.

  • Dr.
    Andrea Nazarenko

    Dr. Andrea Nazarenko is the co-owner at Old Mill Chiropractic & Family Wellness. She obtained her PhD in Clinical-Community Psychology, with a concentration in quantitative methods, from University of South Carolina (USC), as well as Masters Degrees in Psychology in Education (Columbia University, NY), Clinical-Community Psychology (USC), and Applied Statistics (USC). As a community and quantitative psychologist,  her background is in the study of the how maladaptive and antisocial behaviors develop, particularly among serious and violent youth offenders; and in the development of statistical models that help us answer complex questions, such as why people respond differently to the same treatment or why people exposed to similar risks turn out differently. Her current work focuses on helping organizations, mostly healthcare systems and governmental agencies, implement new practices and policies with quality. She is discouraged by the mediocracy of behavioral and physical health services in this country and worldwide and develops systems to bridge the gap between what we know in research and how we implement it in practice. The goal is to improve quality to improve outcomes. Her current projects include working with the Ministries of Health in Thailand to implement a physical activity intervention to improve health among dementia patients, working with the Commissioner of Health in Nigeria to improve the quality of maternal care for babies with Sickle Cell Disease, and participates in a national consortium to improve the quality of care provided to adolescents and adults with Sickle Cell Disease in the United States. She additionally conducts data analysis for the implementation of prevention programming in the United States Air Force and is the quantitative psychologist on a grant assessing how ready health centers are to screen for colorectal cancer. Above all, her heart is in the world of gentle parenting and spreading knowledge about the benefits of natural approaches to health. She is the biostatistical consultant to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and conducts research on the effectiveness of chiropractic with pediatric populations. Her passion lies in activating her community to live the best life possible, and her mission is to spread knowledge about natural healthcare and supporting the physical and emotional health of children. 


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    We love Dr. Eric & his staff! Professional and friendly, but most important, Dr. Eric gets the job done - we feel GREAT!

    Debbie S.

    Dr. Eric is a personable & kind man who cares a lot about his patients. He is professional and a great choice if you are looking to engage in chiropractic care!


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